Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Who said spring cleaning couldn't be fun?

Guess what guys?? Spring is finally here!! And to celebrate we are clearing out all of our winter items with a huge spring cleaning sale! Get this- ALL winter items are 30% OFF!! Which includes coats (you're gonna need one next year), leather jackets (still totally wearable), sweaters (uhh, it gets cold at those late night bonfires), and boots (your feet want to look sexy all year long too).

I know, this sale sounds insane and it is. We can't believe it either. But it's a must because we have SO many spring and summer items just waiting to come in. So here's a little preview of some of the unbelievable spring looks we have in store now..

Black Floral Dress $36. Leaf Dangle Earrings $13. Leather platforms $26.
Dress available on Etsy!

Yellow Shift Dress $26. Gold Clutch $16. Gold Loafer Heels $30.
Floral Party Dress $36. Sunglasses $22. Metallic Bag $26. Red Heel $25.

Floral Cord Dress $26. Chambre Top $18. Sunglasses $22. Beaded Necklace $22. Lace Up Heels  $25.

Bright Print Dress $21 Tribal Necklace $34. Woven Belt $16. Embossed Leather Bag $36. Velvet Platforms $23.

Yellow Chiffon Dress $36. Amber Earrings $24. Bangles $14, 35, 22. Green Heels $28.
Dress available on Etsy!

Blue Floral Dress $24. Chain Earrings $21. Gold Button Heels $28.
Dress available on Etsy!
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

it's not easy being green

Yay it's almost St. Patty's Day! The one day of the year when everyone is a little bit Irish :) As you probably know, St. Patrick's Day is huge in Chicago. This is mostly due to some Irish settlers' history lesson that no one really remembers anymore, however people of all nationalities love St. Patty's Day. And of course this is because people will take use any excuse to a let loose and have a few drinks, whether it be green beer or some Irish whiskey. 

So if you're planning on having a little fun this weekend, don't bother wearing that cheesy green t-shirt and those goofy shamrock glasses again for the fifth year in a row. Instead, why don't you stop by krispyfringe | vintage and pick up some cute vintage threads to party in? We have a few party outfit ideas here for you, but come in this week and we can personally help you find that perfect outfit that is sure to have everyone buying you drinks this weekend.

Floral Dress, Sz M $24. Beaded Necklace $24. Earrings $27. Macrame Bag $28. Suede Heel Loafers, Sz 9 $28

Orange Knit Top, Sz L $18. Beaded Necklaces $14 & $18. Belt $8. Parade Hat $12. Earrings $12. Platforms, Sz 7 $26.

Crop Top Sz L, $8. Jean Skirt, Sz 9/10 $28. Bronze Chain Belt $15. Owl Necklace $9. Geometric Necklace $26.
 Hoop Earrings $6. Leather Bag $20. Thigh High Boots, Sz 9 $56

Sweater, Sz L $24. Horses Shirt, Sz XL $21. Sunglasses $22. Boots, Sz 12 $65.

Men's Blazer $36 Teal Poly Shirt, Sz 16 1/2 $24. Trucker Hat $8. Sunglasses $22. Loafers, Sz 10 $62.
Teal Pleated Dress, Sz M $28. Earrings $16. Heels, Sz 7 $28.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

January Sale!! 30% off all month long!

Looking to update your 2013 wardrobe? We want to help! Stop by krispyfringe | vintage anytime during the month of January to get 30% of your purchase! (krispyfringe items only) This includes men's and women's clothing, shoes, jewelry, housewares, and more!

Sale ends January 31st. *not valid with Groupons, coupons, or other offers*

Open Wed-Sun 12-7pm

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