Friday, March 11, 2011

krispyfringe needs your help!!

Hi guys!! We are SO excited here at the store because our lovely and talented co-owner and shoe cobbler Sara McIntosh is one of the final 12 contestants for Kenmore's new reality show, "So You Wanna Be A Designer" !!!!! (Yes, that is Kenmore, the brand that makes washing machines, but they're branching out these days) Anyway, the final cut will only be held with 6 contestants and the deciding factor will be determined by how popular one's Faceook page is, which is why we need your help! All you have to do is go here: and click on "LIKE" to like this page and help Sara and krispyfringe out! We would really, really, really, really appreciate it and we would love you forever (not that we don't already)

So you may be thinking "why should I help them?" or "what makes her such a great designer?" or "oh shut up already". Well, this show is going to be a great opportunity, not only for Sara, but also for krispyfringe, and for the Chicago fashion community. The winner of the competition receives $20,000 in cash to put towards their fashion line. This would help krispyfringe out tremendously because it would mean more great designs for you, our loving fans who like to look cute. Also, the winner gets a brand new Kenmore washer and dryer (which wash clothes and now totally makes sense on why they're sponsoring this competition).!/pages/Support-Sara-McIntosh-to-be-on-So-You-Wanna-Be-A-Designer/151637244896764

Sara has been designing everything from shoes, to belt, to clothing, and she even helped design our fabulous store! She has more skills than you can imagine, and she can make nearly anything you ask her to.
You can check out her line of shoes, which she's been making by hand for over 30 years now, here:

Aaaaaand you can check out these gorgeous suede zipper skirts that both her and our other co-owner, Kristy Kladzyk designed together here: at our Etsy page!

Sara is so full of creativity and passion, and we know that she would really kick butt in this competition. When something needs to be fixed, she always has a great idea on how to fix it. And when it's time to design or alter something, she's ready to do it and knows exactly what needs to be done. She's quick and can think on her feet, which is an essential quality needed for a competition like this. (for the audition she had to cut and sew a garment in 5 minutes!! Can you do that?)!/pages/Support-Sara-McIntosh-to-be-on-So-You-Wanna-Be-A-Designer/151637244896764

So now that you know how wonderful Sara is, please "Like" her facebook would mean the world to us!! And tell your friends!!! 

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